Hello again, and thank you for stopping by.

I've spent the first portion of my career connecting with people, understanding them and telling their stories with my camera. Now, I'm ready to step it up, and bring a larger impact by designing meaningful digital experiences for others.

Outside of work, you will usually find me crimping my way up a climbing wall, having a read with some coffee, or joyfully navigating life's randomness in a head-on fashion.

Please do say hello - I'm always happy to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals ✌️


User research, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, interface design, visual content creation, brand strategy & a healthy dose of optimism and creativity.


Figma, Invision, Miro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, DaVinci Resolve, Notion, Google Suite & Spotify :)


Geeking out over Waking Up and listening to thought provoking conversations by experts like Oliver Burkeman and Joseph Goldstein. 

Updated 11 Apr, 2023.
Drawing inspiration from Derek Sivers and the /nowpage movement.


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