Jeremy Fernandez guides a fishing boat along a newly reclaimed stretch of Malaccan coastline. In recent years, coastal reclamation has threatened to transform the Kristang community and their unique identities. 

Outside the Church of Our Lady Of The Immaculate Conception after Sunday Mass.

Intrudo celebrations in the Portuguese Settlement.

Revellers dance away to Branyo tunes during the Intrudo festival in the Portuguese Settlement.

Land reclamation for future coastal real estate development along Malacca's coastline.

Fishing was widely practised by the Kristang community in the past. In recent decades, degradation of the coastal waters by pollution and urbanisation has sharply reduced the numbers of fishermen. 

Restaurants and small souvenir shops catering to domestic tourists can be seen along the coastline of the Portuguese Settlement.

Festa San di Pedro celebrations at the Portuguese Settlement.

Festa di San Pedro celebrations at the Portuguese Settlement.

Festa San di Pedro celebrations at the Portuguese Settlement.

Political & environmental activists from the Himpunana Hijau protest against land reclamation in Malacca.

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