Flour Power

Redesigning a social enterprise bakery's website and e-commerce store


Understanding Flour Power

Flour Power is a Singaporean social enterprise bakery that has been serving up delectable and wholesome baked goods since 2016. Providing equal opportunities to people with special needs and other conditions, the humble bakery pays special attention to its resident bakers' training and seeks to continuously improve the quality of its baked goods.

At its current business development stage, Flour Power is looking to focus its core brand identity on the quality of its products and services, and wishes to downplay its status as a social enterprise that may require charitable support or donations.

Project Objectives

In order to present itself as a business that takes pride in its products and services, Flour Power needs a design overhaul to its website and e-commerce payment platform.

Roles & Responsibilities

I was a part of a team of 4 UX design students and led UX research for this project. I also contributed to the entire UX/UI design process, which include iteration, prototyping and user testings.

(Case study coming soon...)


2-week design sprint


Figma, Miro, Adobe Photoshop


UX Researcher


Felicia Tay — Product Manager

Qiao En, Hong — Project Manager

Shanice Woo — UI Designer

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